Monday, 18 October 2010

Taking a Blog Break

I am taking a break from this blog cos I have been wondering to myself whether I am doing stuff with the boys because I think they will enjoy/learn from it or because it will make great pics for this blog :-s

Wonder if other home ed bloggers agonise over this, or is it just my overactive guilt complex?

Monday, 4 October 2010

Matisse Week

This last week, the boys have been learning about the artist Henri Matisse. We started by reading "Drawing with Scissors" and also watched an excellent BBC documentary "Modern Masters Matisse". And of course, we got stuck in by doing our own art in the style of Matisse.

The boys made Matisse inspired collages:

matisse collage - george
matisse collage - rafe

(although Gman had trouble grasping the big, bold shapes concept at first!!)

made collaged name panels (an idea from Deep Space Sparkle)

gman matisse name panel
rafe matisse name panel

had a go at printing shapes over a collaged background (this idea from the "What's the Big Idea?" book mentioned in this post.

playful prints in progress
matisse prints

And favourite of all, this wonderful Matisse-inspired dancer collage, another project idea from the excellent Deep Space Sparkle site:

matisse dancer finished