Thursday, 8 October 2009

Birthday artwork

This week saw the arrival of Daddy's 40th birthday, so this formed the centre of our artwork. The boys were very taken with this modern art project over at the frugal family fun blog and wanted to do something similar for their birthday cards. Gman used a bottle top to print his circles, though he wanted his in a slightly more uniform pattern as can be seen below. (Gman's is the one on the right)

Waif used our trusty star shaped cookie cutter, which has been invaluable in more than one art project in the past. They printed onto white card and then left this to dry before colouring the shapes with different coloured paints, creating areas where the colours mixed (very educational!)

These were then used for birthday cards, and they looked lovely and colourful. Waif went on to add some glitter to his, which kind of spoiled it a bit for me but he is a bit of a glitter fiend :-)

Inspired by their creativity, I decided to have a go at making a birthday card too. Before starting out on home-educating, I would never have considered myself an arty crafty type, so this is all quite new and exciting still. Here's the card I made, with a seasonally inspired felt pumpkin on the front:

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