Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Art

Oh my, has it really been that long since I posted on here?!

Thought I would share the rather fabulous posters the boys made for Halloween this year. The instructions are on That Artist Woman's blog. If you haven't been there before, do stop and check it out. She has some wonderful projects for kids of all ages.

Here are a couple of progress shots:

halloween poster in progress
boys work on halloween posters

And here are the finished articles. First up Gman (11):

gman halloween poster

I just love the little devil fella top right. He started out as an owl, but then when Gman stuck the nose on upside down, that changed! A great lesson in the art of accepting mistakes, and realising that sometimes great things come from them! Gman was especially pleased with his extraordinarily gruesome eyeball :-)

Next up, Waif (6):

waif halloween poster

Possibly the cutest, saddest Frankenstein's Monster you are ever likely to see!


  1. These look terrific! So great to see the results. Thanks so much for the link and I am absolutely thrilled that you tried them. I love the sad Frank, maybe's he's just sleepy after Halloween. Take care.