Thursday, 17 February 2011

In Praise of Sketch Tuesday

I have mentioned before that we participate in Sketch Tuesday over on Barb's Harmony Art Mom blog.  Each Tuesday, Barb sets an assignment of something to sketch, due in the following Monday.  These vary wildy and we always look forward to finding out what the next assignment is going to be.  We also look forward to the slideshow of the previous week's entries and enjoy seeing what ideas others have come up with for the assignment.  What I like about Sketch Tuesday is that it is participation without competition, so there's that feeling of being part of a group of people doing the same thing, without the boys feeling that they are in competition with others.  I also love that Barb allows parents to take part as well so I get to sit down and sketch with the boys every week too :-).  I never did much art as a youngster so now I'm making up for lost time.  It just goes to show that home education is a journey for the whole family, not just the children!

Anyway, enough talk, here are some of the boys' favourite sketches from the past five months we have been taking part:

Here are some of Gman's:

george sketch antenna

"Sketch Something with Antenna"

cold g

"Sketch something you use to treat a cold"

on a boat - g

"Sketch something you see on a boat"

made with water - g

"Sketch something you make with water"

And some of Waif's:

something with eyes r

"Sketch something with eyes"

housework r

"Sketch something you use to clean the house"

beginning with t - r

"Sketch something beginning with t"

tools r

"Sketch something you find in a toolbox"

And just to prove that I join in too, here are some of mine:

viv sketch art museum

"Sketch something you see in an art museum"

viv sketch antenna

"Sketch something with antennae"

study in science - v

"Sketch something you study in science"

Have I convinced you yet?

If you don't already participate, then head on over to Harmony Art Mom and check it out. There's nothing to lose!

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  1. I love the way that families like yours are sketching together and making each assignment something to be proud of. I am so glad you like the do I. I try to leave the assignments fairly open-ended so kids can be creative and make each sketch their own without fear of criticism.

    Thank you for the lovely blog post about Sketch Tuesday. :)