Monday, 28 March 2011

Book Sharing Monday - Light Reading

light reading

It's been a while since I posted, and a very long time since a Book Sharing Monday post, but I couldn't resist sharing our love of these books!

Waif is currently very keen on reading stories aloud to all and sundry. He surprised us by actually liking the Oxford Reading Tree series (Biff, Chip et al known to thousands of primary school children around the country) but I can't say as any of us were all that enamoured of some of the stories. Then we rediscovered a couple of these Light Reading books on our shelves, and have been gradually acquiring the full set from Amazon over the last few weeks (mostly second hand for £0.01 each!).

The books are aimed at beginning readers but appeal to Gman (11) too and equally to us parents ;-). The illustrations are very simple and the family that is the subject of the stories is presented in a lovingly humourous way. There's a hopeless-at-DIY Dad, a bossy big sister who always has her nose in a book, and two naughty brothers. From reading certain reviews on Amazon, I am guessing that some people don't really "get" the humour but we LOVE THESE BOOKS!! And how could you not love a kid's book that starts with these lines:

Katherine plays the recorder.
Roger plays the piano.
Mark plays the fool.


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  1. There used to be several series like these available for early readers. I haven't seen them in a while. I am glad you found a set.