Monday, 23 May 2011

Sketching Spices

This week's Sketch Tuesday assignment was to sketch a spice or spice jar. The boys both relaxed into this one beautifully and produced these sketches:

spices - g

spices - r

Didn't they do well?

If you haven't discovered Sketch Tuesday yet, then hop on over to Harmony Art Mom to find out more :-)

As well as the sketching, both boys have started an art journal. Gman is using his very much in the style of a private diary, so won't be sharing his, but Waif is enjoying using his as a place to experiment with paint, collage and (best of all!) mama's ink and stamps. Yes, it does get messy, but I'm so pleased they both decided to do journals, cos I have found this such fun myself.

waif - rust

On the non-art side of things, both boys are enjoying studying via lapbooks. Waif is busy putting together one on pandas; and Gman is working on two at the moment - one on Buddhism, the other on pandas. I think they will complete these in the next week or so. Project based learning certainly seems to suit their learning style.

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  1. Fab drawings! Love the fact they are just simple items. You always inspire me artistically :-)